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Dar El Asnan Specialities

More than just a Dental Clinic

Highly qualified team

At Dar El Asnan we take pride of our staff, our dental team, our assistants and our administrative staff. Dar El Asnan has always been a hub for the most prominent dentists and a gateway for the most talented ones. We also have a team of professional and compassionate assistants and customer care staff; who offer our patients the ultimate care they deserve. We have always offered our patients highly specialized, integrated care that covers all aspects of dental practice.

Stern Infection Control

The wellbeing of both our patients and our staff is, without a doubt, extremely important. Here at Dar El Asnan, we do more than just make things look clean. We depend on a mix of meticulous disinfection routines, the latest technology, and a qualified team to achieve and assure the proper infection free environment throughout our centers.

Latest Technology

Technology is our passion, we are keen on upgrading our infrastructure annually. We constantly monitor new technologies and trends, through global dental fairs. This involvement results in improved cosmetic appearances, less pain, better precision, fewer visits, time saving, efficiency and cost benefits, ensuring a more positive and bright experience and outcome for our patients.

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